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2017 4th Quarter Outlook Video

Your Carson Group Partners Investment Committee discusses market updates from the past quarter and provides an outlook on the upcoming quarter. Contact us to speak with a Financial Advisor. Read more

Market Commentary

Weekly Market Commentary October 16, 2017

Stocks moved higher last week, and many stock indices continued to hit new highs. The S&P 500 rose 0.2%. Global stocks did even better as the MSCI ACWI rose 0.9%. The Bloomberg BarCap US Aggregate Bond Index climbed 0.5%. Read more


Financial Reminders for Empty Nesters Weekly Update – 10/11/17

So, you have sent the kids off on their own and now find yourself an empty nester. This new life stage brings quieter vibes in the house and less multitasking to manage. But beyond the physical changes, you also have new financial factors to address in order to support efficient, long-term wealth management. If you’re an empty nester experiencing this life change, here are some financial reminders to keep in mind. Read more


Tax Benefits Available as You Age Weekly Update -10/4/17

Finding any helpful reason to pull down your tax liabilities is a welcomed benefit, no matter one’s age. But, once you move into your golden years, exploring new tax benefits is worth the time and effort-you may have specific tax benefits available to you that you couldn’t previously claim. And any money you save today can help you fund a long and comfortable retirement.  Read more

Market Commentary

Weekly Market Commentary October 9, 2017

Stock markets rallied on solid economic data last week. The S&P 500 soared 1.2%, and the MSCI ACWI rose 0.3%. The Bloomberg BarCap U.S. Aggregate Bond Index slipped -0.2% as rate pressures continued to increase. Read more

Monthly Newsletters

October Monthly Newsletter: Medicare Open Enrollment

Leaves changing colors and falling to the ground. Playoff baseball. Pumpkin spice everywhere. We can certainly tell fall is officially here. Fall is also the perfect time to consider an often overlooked yet extremely important aspect of cash flow planning in retirement – Medicare coverage. Read more

Market Commentary

Weekly Market Commentary October 2, 2017

U.S. markets reacted positively to the Trump administration tax proposal. For the week, the S&P 500 climbed 0.7% higher. The MSCI ACWI was basically unchanged. The Bloomberg BarCap U.S. Aggregate Bond Index slipped -0.1%. Read more


Ways to Stay Active In Retirement Weekly Update – 9/27/17

Once retired, many once-active people fall prey to the lure of the couch. With newfound time on their hands and a new life stage before them, finding ways to occupy themselves can be challenging. Yet, making a point to stay active and engaged is important for retirees. In fact, retirement can increase people’s chance of developing chronic depression by about 40% and physical illness by about 60%. By stimulating your brain and moving your body, you can help overcome those statistics and enjoy a fruitful retirement.[1] Read more


Medicare 101: What You Need to Know

Published by Ben Goethel 

An often overlooked aspect of financial planning is considering health insurance options. Health care costs continue to rise, and as you grow older the likelihood you’ll need those services increases. Read more

Market Commentary

Weekly Market Commentary September 25, 2017

Markets barely moved in response to the much-anticipated announcement that the Fed would begin reducing its balance sheet. For the week, the S&P 500 inched 0.1% higher. Read more