Client Events

We love spending time with our clients and the people they care about. Many of our events focus on educating people in an approachable and valuable way. In addition to educational events, we love spending time with our clients through social events and celebrations.


Past Events

2024 Q1 Market Outlook

The 2024 Q1 Market Outlook event with Derek Pesta and Carson Group’s Director, Portfolio Strategy, Patrick Sittner was held in January of 2024 at the Quinlan Community Center.

In his presentation, Sittner explained how the often-predicted recession of 2023 never happened and how the bull market is alive and well. As he put it, “It’s amazing how well things played out!” It was an informative event that helped attendees feel a little more prepared for what the first quarter of 2024 might bring.

Stay tuned for more events like this in 2024!