Banking where your best interests come first.

You should be the one receiving the majority of what your deposits earn.

We’ve partnered with Galileo Money+ to bring you a banking solution focused on your best interests. With market-based interest, low and transparent fees, and a higher amount FDIC insurance than a bank offers – your savings and spending accounts can start working in your best interest.

Instant access to your money through the Galileo Money+ Mastercard Debit Card.

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Our Banking Philosophy

Your best interests come ahead of our own. We are stewards of your money – and we seek to be transparent, consistent and fair in that responsibility.

High FDIC Insurance

Up to $2.5 million of FDIC insurance per account holder – that’s 10 times more federal coverage than any single bank offers.

High, Market-Based Interest

The majority of the earnings on your deposits should be yours – not the bank’s. Our methodology for interest rate calculation is transparent and tied to the market.

Premium Experience

Our mobile app is modern and user-friendly, and the Galileo Money+ debit Mastercard features an impressive, sleek design. Both are paired with white-glove customer service.

Low Account Fees

No monthly service fees – ever. The fees we charge are straightforward and under your control.

Our Banking

You deserve to:

  • Keep your bank deposits with an institution that places your best interests before its own.
  • Earn rates of interest and returns tied to market conditions – not profit motives.
  • Be treated fairly regarding fees associated with holding your money, including simplicity and transparency.
  • Have simple and convenient access to your money whenever you need it.

An Account for Spending.
An Account for Saving.

Plus Account for Saving

  • 1.20% APY Interest*
  • $0 Monthly Service Fee
  • Up to $2.5 million total FDIC Insurance**

Spending Account
for Day-to-Day Spending

  • 0.56% APY Interest*
  • MasterCard debit card
  • $0 Monthly Service Fee
  • Up to $2.5 million total FDIC Insurance**
  • ATM, ACH, Wire and Peer-to-Peer Payments

Spending Account

Direct Deposit

Mobile Deposit

Mobile App

Online Bill Pay

Debit Card

ACH / Wire



Interest Rate Calculation Methodology

Galileo Money+’s interest rates are market-based, linked to the Federal Reserve’s Effective Federal Funds Rate. We’re transparent and consistent in how we calculate your interest and return to you the majority of what we earn from your deposits.

  • Check your balances, transfer money, pay a friend, or send a check all on-demand from your phone using the Galileo Money+ Mobile App.