Posted on January 5, 2018

Financial Advice for a Prosperous New Year Weekly Update – 1/3/18


A new year brings with it lots of excitement, but also a lot of uncertainty. As a family, are you taking to necessary steps to set achievable, realistic financial goals for 2018 that will help remove any uncertainty from your personal financial space. Here’s a few tips to consider each new year to help you prosper.

1. Make a family budget.
Although not the most riveting family activity, establishing a budget that helps you understand your monthly cash flow and discretionary income.[1] How much “discretionary” income you have (any “leftover” money after bills, mortgages, etc.) determines how much you can safely spend, and also gives you an idea of what you can save, too.

2. Consolidate retirement accounts.
With Americans changing jobs more often than before, many have multiple retirement accounts with overlapping investments. Start off 2018 right by consolidating all your retirement accounts. After consolidation, changes will be easier to make; plus you will get a better idea of your overall assets and can track their performance with ease.[1]

3. Review your investment accounts.
Make sure to review all your investment accounts, track your changes, and talk to your financial advisor about any goals or concerns you may have with your investments.[2] Don’t be afraid to start taking steps now to get greater returns with less risk.

4. Make a will.
It’s understandable to not enjoy thinking about your own death, but it’s even worse to leave your family in limbo if something was to happen. Be sure to write up important information, like who will take custody of your children, who will inherit your property and wealth; and also, who will make important decisions if you become unable to do so.[3]

Please contact us at 408-227-2700, and we’ll work with you to identify the best steps for managing your family’s unique financial needs in 2018. As a Wealth Management firm in San Jose, CA, we are happy to help!

10-Minute Chicken, Corn, and Kimchi Ramen


  • 4 cups low-sodium chicken broth
  • Three 3-ounce packages ramen noodles (flavor packets discarded)
  • One 5-ounce package baby spinach (about 4 cups)
  • 2 cups leftover shredded rotisserie chicken
  • 2 cups kimchi
  • 1 1/2 cups frozen corn kernels
  • 2 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce
  • 3 scallions
  • 4 sheets toasted seaweed snack


  1. Combine the chicken broth, 1 cup water, ramen noodles, spinach, chicken, kimchi, corn and soy sauce in a large straight-sided skillet. Cover and bring to a boil over high heat, stirring occasionally, about 6 minutes; boil for 1 minute.
  2. Meanwhile, slice the scallions and tear the seaweed into bite-size pieces.
  3. Divide the hot ramen among 4 shallow bowls and top each with scallions and seaweed.

Recipe adapted from The Food Network[4]

Keep Informed With IRS Online & Social Media Tax Help

Navigating the confusing world of taxes can leave one spinning in circles. Fortunately, the IRS has resources available across its online and social media presence. For answers to tax questions, consider checking out the IRS through some of these channels:
Social Media
  • Facebook:Whether you need help as a taxpayer or tax return preparer, you can keep up with the IRS Facebook accounts to find helpful tips. Follow @IRS for taxpayers, @IRSTaxPros for tax preparers, and @YourVoiceAtIRS for the Taxpayer Advocate Service.
Articles & Videos
  • Tumblr:The IRS publishes a Tumblr blog that provides readers with the latest tax news, accessible from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Follow them for updated information.
  • YouTube:You can follow the IRS on their YouTube channel where they provide short videos on a variety of tax topics. You can view the videos in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.
The IRS only uses social media channels to share public information and will not answer personal tax or account questions. Remember to never post your Social Security number or any other personally identifying information on its social media sites.

Tip courtesy of[5]

The Keys to Easy Drives

If you’re like most golfers, you aren’t shooting par each time out on the course. The higher your golf handicap, the more important your drives from the tee become. You can find yourself in a world of trouble off the tee that can forbid you from ever scoring well.

With this is mind, here’s some tips and drills to get your ball onto the fairway with more regularity (because everybody loves a drive straight down the middle). From tidying up your grip, to turning on your power, to setting your feet properly-these tips will get your ready for the new season. Check them out here.

Tips adapted from Chuck Winstead | Golf Tips Mag[6]

Ways to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes or Less

Through tiny changes, meeting any sort of goal is made easier. For the new year, take time to focus on yourself, your health, and your wellness. These small steps can help you live a healthier life.

  1. Wipe down your office doorknob. Disinfect your doorknobs, and other heavily-touched items this winter to reduce the spread of flu- and cold-causing viruses by up to 90%.
  2. Start foam-rolling. Using a foam roller on your legs, feet, and pain points on your body is a great way to start each morning. Foam-rolling eases pain and improves flexibility-not to mention, it feels amazing.
  3. Make a food plan for the week. Use a planning software, weekly planner, or good old-fashioned chalkboard can help you buy the right amount of groceries, while guiding your mind (and mouth) towards healthier, heartier meals.

Check out 97 other ways you can quickly change your life for the better here.

Tips adapted from Prevention[7]

Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner

The household cleaners we buy on the market often have unrecognizable and abrasive chemicals in them. You can minimize the amount of chemicals you interact with in your daily cleaning routines – and also reduce your expenses – by making your own household cleaners. Most of the ingredients are usually from natural resources and items you already have in your house. Here’s one recipe for an all-purpose cleaner that is easy to make and can help support your green living.
All-Purpose Cleaner and Deodorizer
Use with: kitchen appliances, counters, inside refrigerators
  • 4 tablespoons baking soda
  • 1 quart warm water
  1. Combine ingredients into a bowl or glassware with lid for storing later.
  2. Pour solution on clean sponge or cloth.
  3. Wipe clean.

Tip courtesy of[8]

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