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Three Reasons to Consider Active Management

Published by Brett Carson

Trends are pervasive in our culture, and the investment world is no different. The latest is the move towards passive investing using low-cost ETFs. Essentially, the argument is that nobody can consistently beat the overall market, so you’re better off owning a cheap index fund with the aim of just keeping pace with it. Read more


Want to Retire Closer to Grandchildren? Consider these items – Weekly Update 6/23/17

As retirees embrace their new life stage, many of them consider relocating to other locales. In fact, almost two-thirds of retirees plan to move or do move in retirement.[1] While retirees move for a variety of reasons, relocating in retirement carries significant financial obligations. And a common reason for retirees to move is to be closer to family. If you’re exploring retiring closer to your grandchildren, here are some key financial items to consider.   Read more


The Correlation Between Interest Rates and Annuities Weekly Update – 6/16/17

Many retirees invest in annuities as a helpful strategy for building retirement income.Since fixed-rate annuities can provide guaranteed payments at set amounts, retirees can more easily predict and manage their budget.And having predictable income is highly important to retirees. In fact, 85% of Baby Boomers say that having guaranteed lifetime income beyond Social Security is somewhat or very important to them. [1] Read more


What is goals-based planning?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but still haven’t done it? Maybe time constraints are holding you back or you are unsure if your financial resources will accommodate your plans. Or maybe, like a lot of people we meet, you haven’t taken the time to really think about what you want. Read more


Tips to Keep Your Finances in Order When Divorcing Later in Life Weekly Update – 6/9/17

Divorcing later in life is becoming more normal for people who are 50 years or older. In fact, since the 1990s, this “silver divorce” rate has more than doubled. In 2015, for every 1,000 married people 50 and over, 10 divorced – an increase from 5 people in 1990. And when you account for people 65 years and older, that amount has tripled in the same timeframe.[1] As a result, the need for proper financial strategies during this evolving stage is becoming more important than ever. Read more


The Importance of Portfolio Diversification

Published by Don Hagan, CFA

The famous stock market axiom, “it’s the bus you don’t see that hits you”, nicely underpins the reasons behind maintaining a diversified portfolio.

The stark reality of investing is that there are unknowable landmines. Even though investment managers and analysts spend hundreds of hours scouring financial reports, talking to management, interviewing competitors and digging deep into a company’s prospects, there is always the possibility of an unpleasant surprise. Read more


Financial Readiness for College Graduates – 5/24/17

Have a new college graduate? Give your loved one the gift of financial readiness.

The time of year is here when budding college graduates go out into the world to make their career dreams and goals a reality. Yet despite their new degrees, they may not be ready to tackle their financial readiness. According to an ongoing study by the National Financial Educators Council, the average level of financial literacy in 19 – 24 year olds is 68%.[1] As such, your college graduate’s ability to earn, save, and grow their money may not be as clear to him or her as you may hope. Read more


Details to Know About Taking Lump-Sum Payments – 5/12/17

When retirees have policies such as annuities, they receive distributions from these investments that can provide them with income. As such, when you hold annuities, you can typically elect different ways to receive this money, and two common options include monthly distributions or lump-sum payments. Though monthly distributions have their benefits, choosing a lump-sum option can work for some investors. To help you gain additional perspective, here are some details to know about taking lump-sum payments.   Read more


Time to Spring Clean Your Accounts: Weekly Update – 4/28/17

With the spring season budding, now is a great time to ensure your financial accounts are up to date and secure. Just like the dust that can collect in your house, so too can your financial accounts grow stale. No one wants to add disorganized complexity to his or her already multifaceted financial life. To help you stay ahead, here are some key tips for spring-cleaning your financial accounts. Read more


How to Set up a Trust

Published by Beth Schanou, Director of Wealth and Estate Planning

A trust can be a necessary tool for an estate plan. But, you may ask, what is a trust? Put very simply, a trust is created with a formal legal document to manage assets for beneficiaries. The trust is created by a person called the Settlor or Grantor, and a Trustee is appointed to follow the rules of the trust for management of the trust and its assets for the beneficiaries’ benefit. Read more